The JiJ Manga is now live

Well, kinda… it’s just a quick test upload of a few of the pages. We working out some kinks and figuring out are the particulars before we upload too much. We’re debating our release schedule with the web comic right now, as we have enough in the can to do an update every weekday for the next year. Leave a your comments as to what a healthy release schedule should be.

The comic would not currently even be up without some very awesome help from dotSpiral‘s Anraiki (who is a talented Mangaka too… check out his comic Eslend) we finally have got the wheels in motion for the unveiling of this beast. It kinda puts the novel in graphic novel. It is over 370 pages and hopefully you find it entertaining.  Anyway enough blabber, here is a link to the: Joe is Japanese Manga!

Two teaser pages from the manga without sound EFX and proper text… click for larger: