Koga’s Email needs your tweet!

Thanks in every way to readers like you that are sharing this mini-comic! The Search Dog Foundation has notified us of some good donations coming in our honor, and we couldn’t be happier. Well we could be happier… if  YOU would donate now to help the Search Dog Foundation. It’s an unsung group that has sent rescue dogs to find people in over 75 deployments- including the World Trade Center attacks, Hurricane Katrina, the Haiti disaster, and now in Fukushima, Japan.

The comic has been reprinted by Wired Magazine, New York Times by columnist Andy Revkin, CREATIVE, Advertising Age, Ain’t It Cool News, Bleeding Cool, Comic Book Resources, and hopefully a lot more that we’ve probably missed. We’ve released this mini-comic as a creative commons license so we encourage you so share, re-post, or re-print it anywhere you like. For free.

Please share the crap out of this comic it seems to be inspiring people to donate to the SDF but we’ve still got a long way to go… I feel like I’m on a pledge drive for PBS, but dammit people this is important.

Thanks again to everyone that has given their support!

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  • LewisC3

    Good grief that was the most bizarre but heart touching thing I’ve read in…………. well, never in a comic before. I actually cried when I got to the end with buff Jesus wrecking havoc- you know, I won’t spoil it.
    Thanks for doing this guys at Fates.

  • AniF

    When I finished this, I was a bit like ‘this went over the line’ of good taste. Then later I re-read and relized that it went over in all the right ways and pushes all sorts of buttons. Weird emotional buttons. and if this is a real email from your friend it desirvd to be drawn out exactlylike you comic book guys did.