Koga’s Pics and Poems : 001

Correspondence is steady with our friends and family in Japan. A great deal of unease exists for obvious reasons. We’re going to try to limit ourselves to good-natured posts on the site for a while, and in that spirit… a few cell phone snaps from Koga Speed as he navigates around looking for food.

Evidently, he is also now speaking in Tanka Poetry in his emails:



  • Anonymous

    I dunno if you meant to imply that there should be an asterisk next to the “an experience”, but it was a great idea… so we changed the graphic. Thanks!

    How do people feel about this section? Koga sends us these odd little snaps and descriptions that are pretty brilliant if you ask me. Wanna see more, we have a few more since the quake?

  • LewisC3

    I like how there is weird subtlety to everything you people do. The *(an experience) slid in at the top made me laugh for a while. I’m actually an English major drop out, and I know prose beyond the basics. Verdict is given, this poetry is slammin. Koga needs to write a book!