Joe Goes Highbrow

Well, here’s something we never would have imagined could happen. Joe is Japanese is in the latest issue of New York Magazine. I know you’re laughing and thinking we are making some sort of joke here… but we are not… it’s true. Joe McCunney, Koga Taro, Mista Mountain, & Hashimoto all wrote sections of a new comic that is featured smack dab in the middle of the April 25th 2011 issue.

We’re honored and amazed to be in a magazine with 43 years of history… never in which have they published a manga comic. We’re proud to forge a little history and continue to spread the perspective of people living in Japan right now… albeit through strange little cartoons. Please click the image above to read the new mini comic in New York Magazine and share your thoughts about it in the comment section. Thanks!

Image 01