Keeping up on Events in Japan

Thanks everyone for your concern on our team overseas. Hopefully everything will turn out OK and we come out the other side with some stories… if nothing else. To keep up to date on the latest developments please find the feeds below:


If you don’t understand how to use the japanese feed (which isn’t the short loop like the English version), click the link up there, and when the video window pops up click the gray “yes” or “ok” button or whatever pop up is there. It just basically just tells you “that you might get kicked off when the internet traffic gets busy.”

and just in case you might of thought you gained a little weight after this earthquake, you did! We all did! The earth spins faster now! Crazy right!?!

Stay safe everyone. ๅนธ้‹็š†!

  • Hey there, first time here. Just wanted to tell you how awesome your site is. Good stuff, man. I was raised in Japan (live there til highschool and then moved to the States) so I can really relate to your comics and videos. btw, hope you, your fam, and friends are safe from earthquake. Looking forward to more of your awesome work.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Choe! So far the news has been much better than we initially expected. Testament to the early warning systems. One of Joe’s good friends from Sendai was missing for 2 days, but checked on a sat phone on the third. Complete relief! One of his sensei’s did lose his wife, and they’re unfortunately thousands of other stories of tragedies like that. I think the world can just focus on (containing the reactors first then) rebuilding what was lost, and creating a stronger unity moving forward. There’s not much else one can do…

    This video is overwhelming: