The JiJ Manga is now live

Well, kinda… it’s just a quick test upload of a few of the pages. We working out some kinks and figuring out are the particulars before we upload too much. We’re debating our release schedule with the web comic right now, as we have enough in the can to do an update every weekday […]


Another website…. but hey, it’s made now… and it’s kinda live. Here’s a panel of the graphic novel, ready for colors. Exciting! If you’re a nerd. Have you started reading the JiJ Graphic Novel yet?

why we chose green…

It was an agonizing decision to go with a green base color for the JiJ site. Really, who the hell has a green website these days? Maybe it would make perfect sense if the show & comic were called Joe is The Father of Christmas?

It’s not as if there any special color scheme for […]