Well, without Joe there is no Joe is Japanese. He’s one of the most charismatic playboys you’ll ever meet. He’s a master pick up artist, but can never settle down with one girl. It wasn’t easy growing up as a self described “half-breed.” No one culture was ever his to embrace. No matter how hard Joe tried, he could never really be Japanese, and as he’s gotten older he might have overcompensated and become too Japanese. You’d have to be Japanese to understand that one… or study this series. Basically Joe’s kinda like Odysseus stuck on the Yamamote line… with a cell phone full of hot girls’ numbers.


This series is championed by Nortega, aka the Island Masta, an animation director relegated to making sappy children’s cartoons for his entire professional career. Unable to ever create his own adult-oriented animated stories, or tell stories that have the potential to affect people’s lives… he took his millions in profit, bought an island, and became a total recluse. A last minute trip to Japan might provide the opportunity he’s spent his lifetime chasing. It will take his entire band of mis-matched weirdos to make his dreams happen.


After growing up in every corner of the world as an Army brat, Buraku Japanese (BJ) now travels the world raising Army brats of his own. At 6’4″ 267lbs, BJ is a giant walking around Tokyo. An undefeated mixed martial arts fighter and a CID Agent for the army, BJ is pretty much defines bad-ass. As scary and intimidating as he might appear physically, he has a bigger, fluffier heart. BJ is an otaku of a high degree in the areas of (some might say mind-numbingly bad) J-pop, classic anime (he can sing the Dragon Ball theme song in 3 languages), and night club dance steps.


A true kung-fu master, an ex-Chinese spy, corporate wolf… Mista Mountain has lived a very interesting life. His business sense is preternatural, enabling him to retire at age 40. One problem with his plan, Mista Mountain is a restless man. He’s always looking for the next summit to climb. A combination of his exploits and strange twists of fate have made him something of a pop culture phenomenon in Japan. Mista Moutain is the one responsible for giving all the strange nicknames. Despite being poorly thought out, they always seem to stick.


A very mild-natured salaryman in an animation software company by day, freelance animation producer by night, Koga Sato lives, breathes, and eats the animation experience. It is an all consuming world in which he has accepted his position of a simple cog for too damn long. Deep under Koga’s mild-natured exterior dwells a wild demon that the characters around him just might release into the world.



Breaking up with a guy you loved is hard enough, but when they turn around and put you in a show that features your relationship with your EX, oh, and that show is a cartoon… and you HATE cartoons… well you can start to imagine Miyuki is going through in this sausage-fest of a series. Like Joe she is also half-Japanese, but is at complete peace with it, unlike our hero. Yeah, she also has gold-medal-winning mammaries, you perverts.


He shall never been seen. Shadow engulfs him. Koga’s boss and eccentric software tycoon. As a result of several rounds of betting with his billionaire colleagues, he might just be entering into the world of animation production. It was not something he has much interest in, but destiny has very interesting methods of presenting itself. Hopefully the Island Masta and Koga Speed will not disappoint, for their own well being. He will most certainly crush them for failure.


The first person to graduate from high-school (let alone Harvard Law School) in his family. Dre has fought insanely hard to accomplish what he has: a penthouse apartment overlooking central park, partner in a prestigious law firm, and legions of fly ladies looking to tear his clothes off at any instant. What made him throw it all away to become the head only legal council for the Island Masta’s animation studio, escapes rational thought… especially since the Island Masta typically retains his legal services with vintage bicycles.

The gruffest and meanest ex-bōsōzoku on earth. He’s spent a lifetime pushing the technical limits of older cars and motorcycles, making them go faster than they have any right to go. When he crosses paths with the Island Masta and crew, his life takes an unexpected turn, and he’s forced to help them in their illegal street racing endeavors.  Now a reluctant participant in the story of JiJ, Hashimoto provides a unique viewpoint that only a hard-knock history can provide.  Never ask him about his bōsōzoku days either.