Q: OK, so is Joe McCunney a real person?
A: Yep, he is.

Q: What about the rest of the characters in Joe is Japanese?
A: Yep, they are all based on real people too.

Q: Ok, if Koga Sato is a real person, why does he have two last (family) names?
A: Ahh, yeah… we reveal that in the story. He is very much a real man, whose emails have changed our lives.

Q: So the same reasoning with all these other weird nick-names?
A: As with any gang of misfits, certain handles just stick… and they’re usually not ones you like.

Q: And all the events depicted are true and really happened?
A: Of course, if we had just had a video camera we wouldn’t need to do all this drawing.

Q: Seriously?
A: Sure. Why not.