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Alright here is the Joe is Japanese graphic novel, in an incomplete, WORK IN PROGRESS state. There will be spelling errors, missing pages, dialogue absent, place-holder text, and more excuses like these. You wanted to see it, so here it is. We will be updating this CONSTANTLY until we establish a page release schedule. Leave a comment below to suggest how many pages a week you'd like to see.

As for this "cover page"... not sure if this is something that really happened or is just dreamed up by the artists. This is not the cover for the printed Graphic Novel, it is really just a web splash page (maybe we'll use it inside the book if people like it), but it serves it's purpose until we can finish the paints and composite artwork to the actual cover.

All of the comments here on the comic pages will be from the Fates Crew production staff over on Fates Island, a little ass clump of dirt down in Florida of all places.

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